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Posted by The Compass Team on 12/06/2019 2:05:42 PM


Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has announced a new form of proof of entitlement allowing students to access concession fares. For pupils at schools that choose to participate, this innovative and flexible option will mean that it is no longer necessary to prearrange, pay for and carry the dedicated PTV School Student ID card in order to travel on student passes or fares.

To make this possible, PTV have granted Compass permission to use their logo on CompassIdentity smart cards. Students at participating schools will be able to use the smart cards as an alternative to completing the annual application form, a development many parents in the state will undoubtedly welcome.

Predominantly used in secondary schools, the smart card already fulfills a number of key school-based functions, including operating as a form of cashless payment for canteen food and photocopying, and allowing students to complete late arrival and early departure processes.

"The use of our cards across schools has taken off as parents and schools push toward cashless and self-serve solutions," said Compass CEO, John de la Motte.

However, unlike previous smart cards developed for secondary school students, use of the CompassIdentity card is not restricted to internal school functions. Instead, the card can be integrated into a range of services offered by providers and businesses relevant to student needs, including public libraries.

"We’re continuing to connect with student-appropriate partners to increase the functionality of our smart cards and to provide additional benefits to schools,” said Mr de la Motte.

Technical innovation continues to address school challenges

With nearly 50,000 additional students expected in Victorian secondary schools over the next four years, school leaders are seeking novel means to ensure their duty of care obligations are maintained and administrative processes are modernised, with Compass continuously developing their offerings in line with these demands.

The PTV arrangement follows a number of groundbreaking initiatives utilising the smart card, including a solution to school and classroom access issues in large, vertically-designed facilities. With new architectural models being developed to address the growing number of students in city-based schools in Australia, security and student safety strategies must also be adapted.

The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (VCASS) in Southbank, Melbourne, was the first school to use the CompassIdentity card for door access in 2016, allowing staff to customise access rights to individual classrooms and the school premises as a whole, in order to further strengthen security.

Former VCASS Principal, Colin Simpson, implemented the system at the school and is in the process of rolling it out to the recently established Richmond High School, Melbourne, where he was appointed founding principal in 2018.

“CompassIdentity cards are an invaluable tool for schools and their students. It is important for young people to have proper identification and the CompassIdentity card allows this effectively," said Mr Simpson, "At Richmond High School the cards form an important part of the borrowing system in the library, and are used with photocopiers and printers using Paper Cut. It also drives our cashless cafeteria and is used with our vending machine. This enables us to more effectively use these systems and maximise our investment in them."

"Of prime importance to us is the connection with the Compass Guardian Access System, where our students can easily access allowable school doors and let themselves into the school," continued Mr Simpson, "With the addition of the Public Transport Victoria connection this broad useability is complete when teamed with a Myki Card."

“In today’s school environment, there’s so much that technology can do to help ensure the school environment is safe and secure,” said Mr de la Motte.

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