Is your school running as efficiently as it could be?

Posted by The Compass Team on 5 Jul. 2019, 8:44:05 am


The financial and time costs of running a school can be considerable. However, taking into account the number of people in your entire school community (teachers, students, admin staff, parents), is your school running as efficiently as it could be? Is every dollar you spend working in the best way for everyone? Are your administration tasks as slick as they could be? Or could there be potential savings, giving you back precious time and money?

A good way to start considering about efficiency in your school is by using our Efficiency Calculator. If you’re not using a single school management platform to manage your school ecosystem, we think that you’ll be surprised about how many efficiency savings you can make!




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Struggling to find a school management system to meet your school’s diverse needs? Frustrated by the number of platforms and programs your school uses for interrelated tasks, from attendance management to wellbeing monitoring?
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