Compass Catch-ups - there's even more to come...

Posted by The Compass Team on 15/08/2019 11:51:20 AM

Earlier this year we began to plan our first run of Compass Catch-ups. These ninety-minute morning workshops would consist of a presentation by Compass CEO John de la Motte and Director Lucas Filer followed by a feedback session with members of the Compass team. Taking place in Compass schools, we invited members of the wider Compass community to attend, offering an opportunity to hear about the changes being made to Compass while having the chance to tell us what they thought about the platform. We would also make sure we provided plenty of tea, coffee, and cake.

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"A little bit of improvement every day...": An interview with Anthony Simone

Posted by Benjamin Conway on 06/08/2019 1:10:07 PM

On Friday 16th August 2019, The Educator will host their annual Australian Education Awards. This year Compass is sponsoring the School of the Year award, while a number of incredible Compass schools will be present as award nominees. Among the many inspiring finalists is Anthony Simone (pictured right), principal of Harvest Home Primary School in Epping, Victoria, who is nominated for the Primary School Principal of the Year - Government award. Anthony spoke to Compass earlier this month about how to measure success as a principal, the huge changes technology has brought to his school, and the five values that inform life at Harvest Home.

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Your school community could benefit from funds to increase inclusion. Are you aware of them?

Posted by Benjamin Conway on 31/07/2019 11:39:39 AM

Assistive technology can provide an excellent way to increase inclusion for students with disabilities or additional learning needs in your school community. However, technology is not always inclusively priced. Fortunately, a number of schemes across the country provide a grant - or 'boost' - to facilitate the purchase of assistive technology, opening new avenues for communication, mobility, learning and more.

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Compass Update - July 2019

Posted by The Compass Team on 24/07/2019 2:59:12 PM

The following newsletter was sent to Compass users on Wednesday July 24th 2019. This version has been edited where necessary to ensure relevance for a more general audience, both customers and non-customers. The purpose of our monthly newsletter is to keep members of the Compass community updated about the work that has taken place at Compass HQ - and now in a number of new offices - over the past month.

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Trying to improve parent engagement? Here are 3 simple steps to start

Posted by Benjamin Conway on 17/07/2019 2:26:53 PM

In a recent blog analysing the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools - or Gonski 2.0 - two years on, we noted that the review strongly supported increasing the engagement of parents in schooling. As we suggested, this is both an important step and one that is ultimately hard to achieve: between time-poor parents and time-poor teachers, there are no quick-fix solutions. But there are some steps that schools can take to build a stronger connection between teachers and parents.

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Is your school running as efficiently as it could be?

Posted by The Compass Team on 05/07/2019 8:44:05 AM

The financial and time costs of running a school can be considerable. However, taking into account the number of people in your entire school community (teachers, students, admin staff, parents), is your school running as efficiently as it could be? Is every dollar you spend working in the best way for everyone? Are your administration tasks as slick as they could be? Or could there be potential savings, giving you back precious time and money?

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Two years on, what can we learn from Gonski 2.0?

Posted by Benjamin Conway on 03/07/2019 1:52:59 PM

One of the big talking points in Federal Education policy over the past few years has been needs-based funding as established by the Quality Schools Package. This funding program was a direct result of the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools, more commonly known as Gonski 2.0, after David Gonski, prominent businessman and philanthropist, who began in the review in July 2017. But Gonski 2.0 is about more than money - and two years on, there is a lot to revisit in Gonski's review.

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Compliance regulation changes are imminent. Are you prepared?

Posted by The Compass Team on 01/07/2019 4:40:00 PM

School compliance regulation changes are imminent, with most states bringing new legislation into effect over the next 18 months. With changes affecting school governance, enrolment, curriculum and student learning, student safety, staff employment and school infrastructure, there’s no better time to review your internal policies and assess any areas that may need attention in the coming months.

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Mobile phone ban in Victorian state schools centres student wellbeing

Posted by Benjamin Conway on 27/06/2019 11:35:43 AM

It has made headlines across the state, throughout Australia, and even internationally. The introduction of a wholesale ban on mobile phones for students in Victorian state primary and secondary schools will begin in 2020, with calls for independent and Catholic schools in the state to adopt the measure, and even suggestions that the move may be implemented beyond Victoria. Initially announced by State Education Minister James Merlino, the ban is intended to reduce levels of student distraction in classrooms and cyberbullying in schools. In essence, it is a student wellbeing issue.

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Student public transport in Victoria just got easier with Compass

Posted by The Compass Team on 12/06/2019 2:05:42 PM

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has announced a new form of proof of entitlement allowing students to access concession fares. For pupils at schools that choose to participate, this innovative and flexible option will mean that it is no longer necessary to prearrange, pay for and carry the dedicated PTV School Student ID card in order to travel on student passes or fares.

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